Instant Pot Accessories

Instant Pot Accessories

In the indelible words of Alton Brown from Good Eats TV show – No Uni-taskers!

I have rediscovered Corning Ware for the Instant Pot and camping! Not the new stuff (stoneware – easily identifiable with the bottom rim), but the old original Pyroceram based cookware (High heat ceramic glass and flat ceramic bottom). Corning Ware is non-toxic– no teflon, coatings, lead, etc. and the cookware can go directly from the freezer to a blazing hot oven, range top and microwave. One can even buy new Corning Pyroceram again, due to its rising popularity, at the Corning outlets – just make sure it states for range top use if planning to use it that way. Glass and plastic storage tops are still made and available for many of the older pieces at the outlet also. Goodwill and yard/estate sales are good places to check where used pieces can be found for a few dollars. The website is a great resource to see which pieces came in different patterns, and has a great section on cleaning and recipes! Corning is easy to clean with baking soda or bar keepers friend (and sometimes toothpicks for the handle ridges).

This all brings me full circle back to use as an Instant Pot cooking accessory. Many of my smaller dishes fit the inner liner for Pot-in-Pot cooking and can be stacked for reheating leftovers or making new dishes. Going thru my cabinets, I found all these below that fit!

Left top to right bottom:

F-5-B – 1.5 Quart with glass and plastic lid below F-5-B – 1.5 Quart with glass and plastic lid below
F-65-B Sauce Maker (1 quart) with lid and detachable handle (from grandmother)
Arcoflam (1.5 quart with detachable handle – Corning from France)
F-16-B with plastic lid – 16 ounce – about 2 cups
F-150-B Corning and amber Visions Grab-It bowls with glass / plastic covers
F-15-B oval with lid (great for individual fish and side dish) – holds about 2 cups
Cut down silicon cover (works great while cooking in IP versus foil – Viancin)
P-43-B 2 ¾ cups with plastic lid
P-41-B 1¾ cups with glass lid
Fork and spoon to use for stacking layers between dishes

While all the plastic lids are used only for storage purposes (not cooking), the glass lids and the silicon cover can be used in the IP while be heated.
Being able to use the cookware in the IP and then microwave, gas burners and then store the cooked food, either in the refrigerator or freezer, make these great multi-taskers!